Any business that has customers calling for service or support should have a simple to use contact center solution that will give the caller the opportunity to wait to talk to someone.  Below are some examples that will show were a contact center queuing system could really help:

Car Dealerships

With the explosion of internet sales in the automotive industry car dealerships big and small need to have realtime availability for someone to speak with about the purchase of a car.  Creating a BDC ‘Business Development Center” that will enable the inside sales resources to grab calls as they come in will only increase sales vs hearing a busy signal or that there is no one available to talk.


Most restaurants have minimum phone lines available to handle reservations or to go orders.  In our new world the to go business is what’s keeping restaurants alive and to no answer every call that comes in will only force a caller to your competition.   Providing a queue based system will keep your callers waiting so you can get to them and process their requests faster.

Healthcare providers

Every health care provider should be queuing calls and not forcing their patients to keep calling back.  We have seen it too many times where a provider is not properly engineered to handle phone calls and forces the customer to keep calling back until they get frustrated to go somewhere else.


In todays highly competitive world of retail the company with the best customer journey and experience wins.  With an integrated solution designed by Webtecs you will create the best experience possible for your customers calling, chat, email and texting needs.  A properly engineered system will reduce handle time and increase agent efficiencies.

Inside Sales Departments

A sale delayed is a sale not made!  With an advanced contact center solution your inside sales teams will be able to handle more inbound phone calls and with an integrated outbound dialing solution your teams will double their customer connects.

Customer Service

With an integrated inbound contact center solution your customer service teams will have full visibility of who is calling and why.  An intelligent IVR that can lookup customers by their caller ID and then screenpop the callers information to the agent will provide an amazing experience for your callers while reducing the amount of time per call.  Less time per call means more calls per agent with an efficiency increase of ten, twenty, thirty percent and higher.