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Webtecs offers cloud based contact center solutions that will enable your workforce to be productive from anywhere on any phone number.  With more than 20 years of experience designing, implementing and supporting contact centers we will create a solution for you that will create raving fans.  With a hosted, cloud based contact center solution we can deploy in the fraction of time and at a fraction of the cost.

Our experienced team will design the right solution with the right technology that your customers will love.

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Webtecs will simplify and normalize all of the contact center jargon and help you create the most cost effective and powerful customer experience engine that will drive down costs, increase revenue and improve the customer journey.

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Cloud Contact Center

Over the years, cloud hosting has become synonymous with quality, speed, and performance. The cost-effectiveness and security are the most adorned features of cloud hosting. Exposure to the global market has helped us to evolve into a customer-centric business. We help you innovate and manage applications in real time.

Our Providers

  • Call, Meet, Chat, Share, Work Better
  • All -in-One Communications Platform
  • Advanced Contact Center
  • Best Value Business Phone of 2021
  • Omni Channel Routing
  • Simple and user-friendly Agent, Supervisor and Administrator Interface
  • Out of the box CRM integration with all leading providers
  • Rapid deployment gets you up and running in weeks, not months or years
  • Integration with Google Natural Language Processing platform
  • Let your customers reach your their way with native SMS, MMS, Chat and Video
Cisco Webex
  • Leading Voice Provider since 1998
  • Cloud based PBX with Webex Calling
  • Advanced Contact Center solution
  • Works with your existing PBX
  • Integrated with premise based Cisco UC
  • Developer based application
  • Omnichannel contact center platform
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Twilio Frontline offers mobile app for agents
  • Integrated SMS, MMS and Chat in one platform

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A properly engineered cloud contact center solution can Our cloud hosting services offer you a great deal of flexibility and scalability, resulting in higher uptime and availability for your business.

What are Cloud Contact Center Solutions?

GONE are the days of 100 bodies sitting in a large room pounding phones. The outdated model of a Call Center has been revamped to, handle, respond, report on, & save each customer interaction.

Whether your agents are in company owned brick & mortar locations, at home full-time, or hybrid, they will need to handle customer contacts. From company issued laptops with VPN access, to Automated Call Distribution routing calls to cell phones, you need a way of connecting customers with employees efficiently. The Contact Center model allows for these “agents” ,or employees, to be anywhere in the world, via internet-hosted software, without interrupting your company’s business.

Your customers should dictate how they’re able to purchase your goods and services. The technology gap between how your customers choose to do business and the media you offer will decrease your sales overtime. If a customer wants to send an email, text, chat or pick up a phone, someone in your organization needs to handle that contact.

Decrease your consumers’ irritation by allowing them to inquire, receive follow-up, collect payments, and close sales within their first contact.

First Call Resolution is a statistic that measures whether or not your caller’s immediate need was met in each interaction.

When considering your Cloud Contact Center deployment make sure to identify key business requirements such as: integrations to pivotal databases (CRM’s EMR’s), which channels your customers currently connect with you on, future channels you wish to deploy, interaction retention & ease of use.

Other things to consider are advanced call routing and voice response, as well as workforce management tools that will help you use your time more efficiently.

Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Software For Your Business

You have everything on the cloud with a cloud contact center, but it’s not only about organization or about saving time.
It’s also about improving the user experience for your clients.

Improve Customer Engagement

It’s even easier to interact with your customers with cloud contact center solutions—because of the additional channel availability like chat and SMS/text. In addition, you can communicate with customers via email, phone, or voice bots, all without setting up extra infrastructure.

These deployments are ready for use far faster than traditional Call Centers and customers will rave about the ease of use when contacting you.

Intuitive Design

Not only will your customers be able to interact easily with this system, but so will you and others in your business. It’s easy to collaborate with others across multiple communication systems in part because these systems are user friendly. Ultimately, this leads to a boost in your productivity & efficiency.

Ready for Remote

It’s always good practice to have systems set up so your employees can work remotely. Not only can they work from home, but the system can route calls to their personal phones (if preferred) providing additional cost savings over the traditional call center model.

The age old saying “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” rings true today. Ultimately, you’ll be given live and historical statistics at every turn to allow you to quickly and effectively make business decisions.


Data security is paramount and not to be taken lightly. Both you and your customers will appreciate the modern security associated with cloud systems. Data storage and their reliability remain best in class as your business scales for growth.

How Does a
Cloud Contact Center Work?

A cloud contact center works by integrating all of your communication and data in one spot. Basically, it works as a hub with all the programs, reporting and additional tools you need to run your business.

By operating over the internet you’ll enjoy the ease of gathering information. Handling your customer interactions couldn’t be easier by offering channels like email, website chat and social media accounts too.

This type of contact center works by allowing you to contact your clients from anywhere and on any platform. It’s made to be deployed within minutes and is powerful enough to handle all of your solutions in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hardware requirements for setup?

You don’t need much to set up a cloud contact center. Because it’s on the cloud, all you need is a stable internet connection. As long as your internet connection has a bandwidth of 150 kbps, you’ll be able to keep your system running smoothly.

Can I migrate an existing contact center?

If you’re worried about how complex it might be to transfer your system over to the cloud, we have you covered. Our migration team will be able to help you transition your business without downtime or any interruptions in your business. With our experts, it’s not as complicated as you think to move your existing platform to the cloud.

How long does it take to set up my cloud contact center solution?

Our cloud contact center solutions deploy faster, thanks to minimal hardware requirements. The exact time required does depend on your needs but it’s often only a few days after our discovery workshops.

Is the cloud really that effective in managing my call center volume?

The short answer is absolutely!

Dashboards can be customized to see live & historical data to make decisions immediately. You’ll be given insight into why contacts have abandoned, whether an agent is performing poorly or if additional resources are needed for a period of time.

This is useful in situations like seasonal traffic spikes or even unforeseen incidents. Cloud contact center solutions allow you to take advantage of the flexibility and adaptability of the cloud so you can seamlessly scale up on demand.